Capital Improvement Projects

Below is a list provieded by the St. Charles Mesa Water District relating to Capital Improvement projects completed (with costs) and those in progress in 2019.

Replace water main for 29th Lane to 27th Lane with 12" C-900 and water main on 27th Lane from Gale to Hwy 50 with 6" C-900 completing a loop from Hillside
Total Cost $475,010

Constructed a 45kW Hydro Electric Plant at our Water Treatment plant
Total Cost $720,998

Replace water mains on 21st Lane from Hillside to Hwy 50.
Install new 12" main under Hwy 50. Replace water mains from Hwy 50 to Everett Rd.
Total Cost $385,780

The District installed a third water filter at its Water Treatment plant.
This gives the District the capability of producing 4200 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
The District also completed the installation of two steel tanks for chlorine contact and a filter for our well system
Total Cost $650,000

Acceptable Payment

The District is now accepting Credit Card Payments


The District accepts credit card payments online and at the District office. To pay online click the pay Bill tab. Payments by credit online will be charged user fees by the service provider. To proceed you will need to know the amount owed and your account number. The District cannot take a card number over the phone. This is for your security and the Districts.

Board Meetings

The SCMWD Board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month. The 2022 dates are listed below. The meeting agenda is posted at the District office.

2022 Calendar

Apr. 13 May 11 June 8
July 13 Aug. 10 Sept. 14

Consumer Reports

Below are the yearly Consumer Confidence Reports (in Adobe PDF) as released by the St. Charles Mesa Water District.

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2017 2016 2015 2014


If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the above documents in pdf, you can download it for FREE by clicking the logo below.

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Yearly Water Rate Tables

Below is a yearly list of the past water rate tables as approved by the St. Charles Mesa Water District Board:

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Water Tap Fees

Below is the Water Tap Fees table for the St. Charles Mesa Water District (in pdf):